Hortico's Recommended Cut Roses

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Here are a few of the roses we recommend for cut roses.

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Roses in this Series

Gold Medal - Potted Gold Medal - Potted
aka: 75129-2 (AROyqueli), AROyqueli, Golden Medal
Cat # GRGMDL10     Roses: Grandiflora Roses
Hardy to Zone 5, Height:6ft., Disease Resistant, HeatTolerant, GoodCut,
Price: $19.99
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Golden-yellow double booms (up to 40 petals) have copper shading, age to cream and offer a mild, fruity, spice, tea fragrance; Average diameter 4.5" blooms are borne mostly solitary, in small clustered, classic hybrid tea, high centred to cupped and reflexed form; Blooms in flushes; Tall, almost thornless and well branched with a bushy, upright habit; Large, semi glossy, dark green, dense foliage and medium, long sepals buds; Can reach 3 feet in width

Bred by Jack E. Christensen (United States, 1982). Introduced in United States by Armstrong Nursery as 'Gold Medal'

John S. Armstrong - Potted John S. Armstrong - Potted
Cat # GRJSAR10     Roses: Grandiflora Roses
Hardy to Zone 5, Height:4ft., Exhibitor,
Price: $19.99
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Dark red double blooms (up to 40 petals) offer a mild fragrance; Medium-large, Blooms are in clustered and exhibition form and blooms in flushes; Tall and bushy habit with semi-glossy, dark green, leathery foliage and ovoid buds

Bred by Herbert C. Swim (United States, 1961).

Liebeszauber   - Potted Liebeszauber - Potted
aka: City of Windsor, Love's Magic, Crimson Spire, KORmiach
Cat # HTLIEB10     Roses: Hybrid Teas
Hardy to Zone 5, Height:6ft., Disease Resistant, GoodCut, Repeater,
Price: $19.99
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Dark red, double blooms (41+ petals) offer a strong rose fragrance; Average diameter 4.25" blooms are borne mostly solitary and in high centred form; Blooms in flushes; Dark green, leathery foliage with large, oviod buds; Spreading and upright habit, can reach 2-3 feet in height

Bred by W. Kordes & Sons (Germany, 1991).